Kiama Chocolate Company

| The Company

Kiama Chocolate Company is a proud and passionate producer of bean-to-bar chocolate.

Kiama Chocolate Company didn’t want to make just any chocolate. They educated themselves on how cacao beans are farmed, produced, sold and shipped. This research led them to seldom-discussed details of the international cacao market, the health ordeals and the poor wages of cacao farmers in third-world countries. Kiama Chocolate Company saw the lists of additives on the labels of those chocolates and wondered why anyone would eat them.

The resolve was set: They would secure cacao beans from a supplier that operated openly and transparently and provided the best opportunities for everyone involved in the process, especially the cacao farmer and their families. And They would maintain that openness through every step of my chocolate-making so that my customers could enjoy my chocolate knowing it came from a place of goodness and honesty.

| The Brief

Kiama Chocolate Company approached us before making their first product, asking if we could help print product labels and a uniform. They wanted their merchandise to reflect the environmentally-friendly and healthy produce created, allowing for openness and peace of mind in their customer-base.

| The Outcome

Known Designs has worked closely with Kiama Chocolate Company to produce labels that contain all the required information on multiple products, which are cut to unique sizes to fit each specific chocolate bar and box.