Walcha Roasted Coffee

Carefully transitioning little green seeds into art for your mouth

-Walcha roasted coffee

| The Company

Walcha Roasted Coffee is guided by an international palate in rural NSW, using artisan batch roasting to achieve the best possible result from quality beans. Walcha Roasted Coffee makes everything in small batches from their home base in Walcha, NSW, Australia.

We have been super excited to work with this small business who are genuinely passionate about their product and go out of their way to impart that knowledge to their customers! The entire journey of the coffee bean from the farmer to the barista is fascinating – and we’ve been honoured to have had many conversations with the team at Walcha Roasted Coffee about that process.

| The Brief

Walcha Roasted Coffee has been a fantastic and recurring client and friend coming to Known Designs for their merchandise and coffee bag printing! We were tasked to print their beautiful designs onto coffee bags and black t-shirts that allow for a steampunk brand.

We’ve produced high-quality gloss vinyl logo stickers for their artesian brown kraft coffee bags of various sizes. Additionally, we printed bespoke merchandise for Walcha Roasted Coffee, allowing their branding to shine through to their uniform!

Check out Walcha Roasted Coffee today and see our printing projects in the flesh!