Domed Decals & Stickers to elevate your design

Doming a sticker creates a three-dimensional aspect to your artwork or design that conventional printing methods and devices cannot replicate. Using quality material and hand making each domed sticker ensures small and large quantity doming concepts remain affordable for our customers.

Doming is a specialised technique that involves pouring a liquid resin onto a printed sticker using just the right amount to create a raised or “domed” appearance. As the resin sets, surface tension on the sticker causes it to solidify into a flexible, lens-like layer that covers the design. Our process utilizes high-quality liquid resin made in the UK and a specialized heated enclosure to guarantee a flawless, dust-free, and crystal-clear glass like finish.

Doming can be used to add a three dimensional look to many items, including: Keyrings, Product Labels, Social Arches, Brand Logos, Vehicle Decals & Stickers, Name Tags, Pet Tags, Fridge Magnets and the list goes on.

We perform our doming services in-house and by hand, which provides you with complete flexibility to meet your unique printing needs.

Various sticker materials can serve as the base, including a super high-tack adhesive suitable for situations where maintaining the longevity and durability of your brand is critical.

Uses of Domed Stickers

Using a domed sticker on a keyring not only elevates the look and sets it apart from a standard keyring, but also provide durability to ensure your brand is visible for many years without fading or damage to the sticker.
Joanna Thomas Art is an extremely talented artist who wanted to see her art in as many hands as possible. We print her artwork, cutting it perfectly to a custom size, and finish them with resin doming to provide an elevated and elegant finish to the compact mirrors.
Business Logos & Branding
Doming provides a way of elevating the look of a standard sticker. Doming gives a 3D element to a flat sticker. It's a great way of ensuring your brand or design is set apart in a unique way!

No matter the type of Domed Decals or Sticker you are looking for, We’re here to help!

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