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Decals & Stickers

Bring your designs to life with our high-quality decal printing services. Our decals are made from durable materials that are resistant to fading & peeling, so you can enjoy your designs for years to come.

Marketing & Merchandise

Create large, attention-grabbing displays with our poster and banner printing services. Whether you need posters for a show, banners, or any other type of promotional material, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Clothing

Add a personal touch to your wardrobe or create custom t-shirts for your next event. Our printing services use high-quality inks & materials to ensure your designs look great & last a long time.

| FAQs

What’s your turnaround time for a print job?

We aim to have orders finalised within 48 hours, but of course, depending on the size of your order, this may be a little longer. For repeat customers using the same or similar artwork, we can generally print within a few hours of the order. If you are local to us, we welcome local pickup, making it possible for you to get prints on the same day.

What’s the largest print you can do?

Your creativity is the only limit here! There are physical limits to material widths and printer capabilities, but with a creative approach, anything is possible! No job is too big or too small!

What’s your minimum order quantity?

Our aim has always been to position ourselves in the printing and creative space, where people can change and adapt their labels without the often expensive costs associated with the small-run jobs. We love working with our customers, no matter the size of your request!

Do you do design work?

We can assist with basic design and layout work, but for anything requiring a higher level of graphic design, we can recommend a great graphic designer for you to work with. (She is a very talented, creative genius who produces outstanding work! She works with you to get the results you want, and we are proud to have her details in the footer of every website page. Yes – we use her services and have already recommended many of our clients to her. She is also the creative hand behind the Known Designs logo!)

How much does it cost to get a t-shirt printed?

Our pricing is based purely on the size of the print. We take pride in calculating pricing, which is fair and affordable for everyone, so we have chosen not to implement a flat rate for t-shirts or garment prints. If your print is 10cm x 10cm, you will pay based on that size. If your print is 20cm x 20cm, you will pay based on that size. Pricing is simple to calculate and can be quickly supplied once you contact us.

What can you print on?

A range of items and the possibilities are endless! If you have an idea you want to see come to life, contact us and let us help you bring it to life! There are many examples of our work on this website and our social media, but don’t be limited by what you can see – ask, and we’ll see what we can do!

Does it cost more to get multiple colours printed?

Not at all. Prices depend only on the size of the design needing to be printed, not on colours. Our commercial-grade digital printer can print a full range of colours to suit your needs. 

Do I have to supply my clothing to get a print?

You can, but you don’t have to. We have contacts at a few major suppliers, but for one-off or small-run prints, it often works out more cost-effectively to source your shirts. Sadly, our suppliers enforce a minimum order quantity on us when ordering clothing. 

Are your products high quality?

Yes! Our digital printer is of commercial grade and receives regular servicing by qualified technicians. We use high-quality commercial vinyl (for stickers) and heat transfer vinyl (for clothing), ensuring the prints are professional. Care instructions are issued with clothing, and if followed, your prints will have a long life ahead of them. 

What do your stickers and labels feel like?

Our labels and stickers can be printed on various materials for different feels and textures. As standard choices, we can offer printing on white gloss vinyl, white matt vinyl, paper adhesive, and matt fabric feel, and a range of specialty materials like gold metallic base and silver metallic base.

What sizes of product labels can you produce?

We love our digital printer because it doesn’t use precut or predefined label sizes. Our machines will cut your stickers to your exact sizing and in any shape. Round, rectangle, square, moon-shaped, stars, and any other shape you can come up with! We can even supply labels with sections removed from the middle if you want to leave a window for people to be able to see your product. Best of all, we will take care of all the cutting for you. We’ll never make our customers supply artwork with cutting lines. 

Why does it all seem so simple to organise?

We passionately love working with people to see their dreams and ideas come to life, so we see our job as bridging the gap between your creativity and the physical outcome. We attempt to take the complication out of the process and use everyday words that people understand.

Can your product labels be used on refrigerated products, and are they waterproof?

Yes. Commercial-grade adhesive vinyl allows us to produce product labels that can easily handle water and moisture.

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