Since 2020

At Known Designs, our journey began as a simple hobby, rooted in a deep passion for bringing affordable, personalised clothing to life. What started in a small home studio using a simple and small format vinyl cutter, driven by the joy of crafting unique and meaningful apparel, has blossomed into our thriving business today. Our commitment to affordability and customisation reflects our dedication to not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of our clients. Known Designs is more than a business - it's a demonstration of our love for creative expression and the satisfaction of delivering exactly what our customers envision.

Our Vision & Passion

"Our vision is to be more than just a print shop; we're your dedicated collaborator bringing your ideas and dreams to life through various printing techniques. With every project, we aim to offer not just professional and affordable printing but a personal touch that makes every interaction feel like talking to a friend. Our promise is simple: fair pricing, customisable options for everyone, and no order too small to matter, all delivered with a warmth and approachability that feels like home.