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Custom Wrapping Paper on a Roll

Custom Wrapping Paper on a Roll

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Wrap your gifts in something special with our custom wrapping paper, available exclusively on rolls. Perfect for businesses looking to extend their branding or individuals who want to add a personal touch to their gift-giving, our wrapping paper lets you showcase your unique style.

Choose Your Base:

  • Brown Kraft Paper (50gsm / in a 50m roll length): Embrace a natural, rustic look with our eco-friendly brown kraft paper. Its sturdy build and classic texture make it ideal for any occasion. Available as a 450mm width and 300mm width
  • White Kraft Paper (70gsm / in a 30m roll length): Go for a clean, crisp background with our white kraft paper, offering a bright and fresh canvas for your designs. Available as a 450mm width

Product Details:

  • Size & Print: Each roll measures 450mm in width, providing ample paper to cover large gifts or multiple small items. Your chosen design or logo is printed in a 45mm x 45mm square (on a 45 degree angle) and repeated six times (four time for 300mm roll width) across each row, creating a neat and organized appearance.

  • Easy Ordering Process: Simply upload your single artwork file, and we’ll handle the rest. Our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures that each repetition of your design is sharp and vibrant, giving your gifts a professional and polished look.

Wrap it Up with Personality: Our custom wrapping paper is not just for wrapping gifts; it’s a statement of creativity and attention to detail. Whether it's for corporate gifts, shop use, special events, or personal occasions, our wrapping paper adds a memorable touch that complements any presentation.

Get Started Today: Ordering your custom wrapping paper is easy. Upload your design, choose your paper type, and let us deliver a roll of beautifully printed wrapping paper that will make your packages stand out. It's wrapping made simple, stylish, and uniquely yours!

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